Ryobi 36v Battery Powered Lawnmower and Leaf Blower in very good condition in Crowborough, East Sussex for sale

Ryobi 36v Battery Powered Lawnmower and Leaf Blower in

This is a great kit for the smaller-to-medium sized lawn. The 36v battery gives loads of power and lasts well. Our lawn is approximately 130 square yards (36' x 33') and the battery indicator went from full charge (4 bars) to half charge (2 bars) and it took me about 15 minutes (under the stern gaze of the Head Gardener!) The mower is the RLM3640Li and the leaf blower is the RBL36B. It comes with one good battery and one which is not good - but I am including it as it can be sent off to be re-celled back to new condition. There is also the battery charger - all items are Ryobi originals.
This works really well on flat, level lawns. If (as we do) you have steep slopes on your lawn the mower works best without the grass box.
We bought this kit as we had to look after mother--in-law's lawn, up in London. She had a long lawn and it was brilliant not to have to worry about a mains lead. Mother-in-law is now safely in a care home and her house sold.